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We've got spaces to fill and need all the Mpreg. Has Al been secretly pining to carry Scorpius's baby? That night Severus Snape forgot his Johnny? Oops! Is there a secret Gellert/Albus D. baby we've been dying to read about? WELL YOU TELL US! We want all your HP Mpreg and we want it all now! :D

Banner will take you to a post with the links to the claiming post, as well as all the picture inspiration posts! Happy Mpregnating ;)

ALSO do not forget that all is fair here, Het, Femmeslash (be creative), Slash so long as a guy is pregnant, has been pregnant, is actively trying to become pregnant

Art by [ profile] vividescent
Banner by [ profile] singlemomsummer
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Everything He Ever Wanted
Beautiful stunning art! Regulus looks so smitten with the baby and Snape looks so in love with Regulus. I loved it and it's not even my pairing. BUT WHO CARES IT WAS FANTASTIC! GO LOOK NOW!

You and Your Denial
I really, really, really enjoyed this story. Marcus is terribly fragile in his on way. And Oliver is human, and displays wonderful patience when dealing with the resistant Marcus.GO READ NOW!
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I cannot believe I forgot to tell you that [ profile] wizsprogs has their prompt claiming OPEN! GO CLAIM ALL MY PROMPTS ;D We also have a post for volunteer betas The Call For Betas!

Now I have a rec! And if it weren't for the lovely [ profile] nimielle ,I'd not have it to share! She said you know there is a picture for a prompt you submitted at [ profile] the_ass_fest. A prompt I did not remember submitting so if any of you lovelies see a Kiss prompt without a Kiss comment let me know a.s.a.p. :)
Last Night at the Leaky

This Al is like PERFECT in my mind. He's evil looking but in that sexy kind of way and Scorpius looks so terribly scared that I can't help wanting to see him devoured! It fit perfectly with the prompt (Post-Hogwarts - Albus isn't beneath blackmail. Rita Skeeter isn't the only one who knows how to weave a story, and Scorpius is afraid...very afraid. Oh I would love a drinking/smoking Albus and a skittish Scorpius...obviously he has something to hide.) and I am giddy and envious(I mean this in a good way I assure you;D) over the fact that it is so perfect. Yay anon artist I will be stalking you when the fest reveals are up and will try to lure you to draw me some Mpreg, if that's your thing XD

Alright now back to figuring out how I am going to art for the 3BB and get it back to [ profile] kitty_fic, wish me luck my loves!



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