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Needle Hands

Seriously it was the "best" title I could come up with at last minute. It was my first attempt at fandom art and when I am done with 3BB that will probably be my last. The reason being I am not a true artist. I am more of a person who likes to paint/draw faces and I don't really have artistic depth. And it's fucking hard to make art for a prompt lol. I had to write the fic last minute because I realized my art didn't have much to do with the original prompt.

Started writing for [ profile] wizsprogs, my own prompt so don't worry I haven't snatched up any of the amazing ones early for myself ;) Prompting closes tonight, so if there is some sort of mpreg-y fic you want to see written get over there and leave a prompt.
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I have come to the conclusion that I need to read more of my friends stories.

Most of you here are writers I presume, and I've read a few of my older friends works...but to be honest I am getting lost in you all :) Not that I mind having all of you here.

SO REC any HP or Original story you have written; I'd prefer if it is the one you are most proud of! That way I can kind of see what you guys are like, the things you enjoy writing, and all that sort of stuff. :)

My only squick is Chan, other than that rec away!

If you can't pick your favorite of your own stuff then send me your top three, but any more than that and I might not be able to read them all.


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