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So another of my prompts for [ profile] deatheaterfest was picked, and the author did a brilliant job, I mean insanely awesome fic!

Myself Almost Despising

Submitted by: crazyparakiss
Het/Slash/Femmeslash/Gen: Het or Gen
Characters/Pairings: Draco Malfoy/Luna Lovegood
Prompt: "There are some people who never change no matter what you've done to them." Draco says to himself when he watches her walk away. In a way he kind of likes that somethings are predictable.
Special Requests: I've actually never read a fic like what I am about to request and it is rather new for me to ask for this but here goes I'd like for Draco to have to torture Luna while they are at Malfoy Manor. I want him to be scared shitless while he does what ever it is he does and maybe he almost cries. I want them to meet post war and I want her to be the same kind Loony Luna that I see her as. Forgiving to a fault.
Special Requests: Please NO CHAN

That was the prompt, but this fic is so much better than I ever thought it could be. Beautiful in honesty and perfect in staying true to Luna. In my mind she is a person who can find the redeeming qualities in anyone or anything. Stand her in front of the devil and she'd search for and find something virtuous. It's what I love about her. Then there is Draco who is, by nature, a terrible snot but not a killer. Draco who becomes a monster because he doesn't want to lose his family. Draco who talked big when he was a boy, for shock, but went into the war naive and came out broken. Sickened and terrified to remember all the things he'd done. This writer touches on all of this perfectly. Captured Draco and Luna the exact way I imagined them. Wonderful. Really.

In News: I signed up for a fest. One I can handle, and have almost the entirety of the fic written already. I felt a little guilty since I had to drop so many fests (three, though still doing the Veela prompt because [ profile] bootsy_mine said I could post it when the fest is over). But I really, really could not ignore the lure of [ profile] harrydracompreg and YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER! Claiming is now open and I have left eight or ten prompts personally. I thought about claiming one of them buuuut figured I'd let someone else have them if they wanted, so get your bums in gear and sign up. Brilliant prompts with brilliant MPREG, glorious MPREG!

Fic Rec

Feb. 12th, 2011 09:01 pm
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If you are looking to find your heart in your throat, without actually crying. Just hurting, in an oh so beautiful way then I have to rec Memoria from [ profile] hp_emofest. Best canon compliant, James centric fic I've ever read.

The summary is what caught me, and I read with rapt attention until the very last sentence of the ending.

Like so many doomed men before him, James Potter wants to know the future.

Sirius, Lily, and James are heartbreaking. You know them like friends, through the eyes of James and the pain that he experiences in knowing their futures. Beautiful content and wonderfully written so please go read it and comment. Be torn up a little by it. This seriously deserves more comments full of love.

The writing kind of reminds me of [ profile] hereticalvisionbut I am not a hundred percent on who wrote it, but who ever did did wonderfully.

Okay done fangirling!
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Title: Promise
Author: crazyparakiss
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Al/OMCS, AS/S
Summary: Al has a thing for blonds, and they have a way of breaking his heart. After a break up he always needs a cup of tea along with a friendly ear, and it helps to have a good looking blond to stare at.
Warnings: Sex, mentions of bestiality (but it isn't graphic and isn't Al or Scorp)
Word Count: 3,394
Author's Notes: I know it isn't the fic I promised you...that damn thing is about to hit the recycle bin...but I hope you like it anyway. :D Also I have no clue what this is about; it might just be my version of PWP. A little Flangst too.

Promise )


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