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Basically what the subject line says. If you make banners and want to contribute some banners to [ profile] bottom_draco we'd be glad to have you! :D

Just remember: All art used must be credited to the artist and you must ask permission from the artist first, we don't want anyone feeling taken advantage of and it's polite to always ask. <3

You can comment here or PM the bottom Draco account for more information (fest themes, comm themes, that sort of thing) if you'd like :)

Hope you are all well!

<3's from Kiss
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We've got spaces to fill and need all the Mpreg. Has Al been secretly pining to carry Scorpius's baby? That night Severus Snape forgot his Johnny? Oops! Is there a secret Gellert/Albus D. baby we've been dying to read about? WELL YOU TELL US! We want all your HP Mpreg and we want it all now! :D

Banner will take you to a post with the links to the claiming post, as well as all the picture inspiration posts! Happy Mpregnating ;)

ALSO do not forget that all is fair here, Het, Femmeslash (be creative), Slash so long as a guy is pregnant, has been pregnant, is actively trying to become pregnant

Art by [ profile] vividescent
Banner by [ profile] singlemomsummer
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What inspires you!

Too lazy to much about with fancy links
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It's official you guys, I can't lie about it any longer--I have an addiction to Mpreg. NO SHAME HERE! XD So if all my fics are filled with man on man babies from now on you lot have been warned XD

[ profile] merlinmpreg is coming soon!
Banner by [ profile] phoenixacid.
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It's that time of year when the call of the wind lures me and I disappear for months at a time. The sun is shining, the grass smells sweet, and there is a pool filling in my backyard as we speak.

This time I will have more of you to miss. It's odd to think that in the last year I have made a ton of friends online. Friends I actually talk to about life and mention in day to day conversation to my family. In fact I have a quote for this

"When we first met, I had no idea how important you'd be to me." (Paraphrasing it as my stupid LJ won't show me my images in my scrapbook as icons and there are so many I can't just GUESS)

That being said I am going to tell you that if you've got my number feel free to text me(Rike you need that phone contract like NAO :D). I am always around, and if I don't have my phone on me I will get back to you as soon as I've got it. (can't really have a phone in the pool you know XD). I am also always available by email. crazyparakiss at gmail dot com But I may not be in chat as often as I am now. However if there is every anything you need do not hesitate to contact me. I have this weakness for listening/talking to you lot :) I am kinda waning on Twitter, it's kinda like facebook for me where I go days of posting and then months of NOT.

I will be doing my mod duties and writing for the prompts I signed up for. As well as those few fics I owe to people. Writing never ceases for the wickedly perverted dontcha know.

Now don't forget me while I am gone. ;) I definitely won't forget you.

If not sooner, I will see you in August my loves!

Also this hiatus applies to comments. If I am slow with replies to any fest fic comments (which I will try like crazy not to be as I am ever so grateful for every comment I get) this is why.


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