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(if you touch me) you'll understand what happiness is

So, it's no secret that I have an undying love for one incest pairing. And that pairing is Sirius/Regulus. I don't even know how my love of them started, something for kinkfest ages ago I think. But it just made sense to me. And whoever wrote this, they seemed to make sense to this author too. Because everything in this fic is everything and more that I believe about Sirius/Regulus.

He gives you a once-over before he goes, eyes tracing your face, then your naked body, carelessly displayed. What does he see when he looks at you? The POV is Sirius and it's Regulus looking at him, being so openly in love/lust with his brother, in this Regulus adores Sirius. And it's just GUH!

I love the silence there is not a word spoken between them from start to finish. It's like Sirius is steadily trying to ignore that Regulus is there while simultaneously wanting to pull him close. He tries to kid himself about how this has no meaning about how he doesn't care for his brother, it's Regulus who is the whining needing one, not Sirius--but I think underneath it all Regulus goes to him because he knows how badly Sirius needs him and not the other way around.

It's a work of pure brilliance. Genius. Really.
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It's official you guys, I can't lie about it any longer--I have an addiction to Mpreg. NO SHAME HERE! XD So if all my fics are filled with man on man babies from now on you lot have been warned XD

[ profile] merlinmpreg is coming soon!
Banner by [ profile] phoenixacid.
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You Spin Me Round Like A Record

Does anyone else want to see more Blaise Zabini/Lee Jordan fic because I sure as hell do! Especially this Lee and this Blaise.

And this fic is proof you don't need porn scenes to write a really brilliant fic. It's the wonderful awkward beginning of trying to get with someone while being excited and all kinds of adorable and things. I especially love Lee for being oblivious to Gabrielle and how she doesn't quite get he's not going to shag her ever. I especially love how he thinks there is something wrong with her eyes. XD

Seriously read it. Fall in love with this very interesting pairing. I also love how Blaise is not a sap. He's vain and a bit rude and I like him anyways. So does Lee.

Yeah fantastic job Mystery Author. Fantastic!
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I feel so incredibly humbled and I feel like crying with fangirl happiness and I feel like OMG a thousand wonderful things.

BRB weeping with joy!

There are four of you who always inspire me and I am glad I have you all!

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Stories like this--But How Much, Baby, Do We Really Need--are what I live for!

This Pansy! This George! FOREVER!

I absolutely love people who "live in sin" despite familial pressures to marry. We have a lot of familial pressure where I live for that kind of thing. I remember when I got pregnant the running question was, "So when's the wedding--do I need to get a gun?" But I love the idea that families and outsiders equate marriage and children with happiness when sometimes they are anything BUT happy and wholesome. So BAM CURI is rad because her Pansy and George get this! THEY GET IT AND OMG YOU WILL LOVE THEM FOR IT!

SO go read. DO IT NOW!
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The Secretary’s Sensational Seduction

This fic is a fantastic start to [ profile] hp_harlequin! It's funny, it's got UST, it's got brother jealousy, and all the things that make the Kiss FLAIL!

THIS JAMES! Omg James made this fic for me--he's confident, fit, charming, funny, sarcastic, and just a bit lonely OMG YES TO HIM TO THE INFINITE POWER! It's been ages since I've read a fic that makes me want to never leave the computer. And here's the best part it's PG-13. It is this fantastic, HOT, and just fucking amazing and isn't even porny! FTW WITH HOT UST!

So go, read it RTFN, and fall in love with this James! Because I did and now that I love him I am never, ever, ever going back :D
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And I give you a few of the quotes I've found on tumblr. I made none of them so they aren't mine and I have NOT changed them.

Kiss Spam of Quotes )
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Angst, because it's hot! Go read and love! And try to guess which one I wrote ;) I dare ya! If you can I might even write you a fic. Certain people, who've already read it, are excluded from this challenge (yes I see you being sneaky sneaky XD)

Comments screened so you can guess below :D
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Happy Valentine's Day(it's tomorrow for me but for my awesome in the future it's already V-day) And thank you so much for all the V-gifts and things :) I love you all!


In appreciation I may just give you lot an arty picture. :) Once I've finished it I'll update this post with the picture.

*muchas squishes*

A Room For You )
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Time to get to Wizsprogs and read all the things, comment on them all and bounce excitedly for reveals!

I believe we are doing reveals on V-day, go give some love! Do it now!


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