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The Purpose of Rubber Ducks

I don't know if you guys know this but my all time favorite line from the Potter films is when Mr Weasley asks Harry, "So what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?" I die laughing even now, eight million watches later.

So this title coupled with the summary drew me in.

Fantastic read, funny, charming, true to character, and great at giving the feels. And if you're looking for porn well there isn't any, but it's all the more fantastic because it wasn't tainted with smut (not that I'm anti-smut, mind). Give it a read and love all over it!

I lied

Oct. 2nd, 2012 12:56 am
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So I decided to watch another episode. D and I are laughing our asses off at the nerd convention of Supernatural. OMG SO MUCH WIN!

The "Homoerotic Undertones" line really killed me. Like good.

I love Fat!Dean!Boy he's kinda hilarious and so much fun that Dean sees him.

Bed for reals now.
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So far:

Broken Crown is my favorite. If you knew me really, really well you'd know why ;)

I also love Lovers' Eyes, Hopeless Wanderer, Babel, and you know like ALL THE FUCKING SONGS!

SO if you don't have it go get it RTFN and LOVE IT!

*will have all the Mumford and Sons quotes on her walls soon*
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I fell in love with Supernatural, you guys. It's pretty srs. I'm like so in love with Dean it's ridiculous! He's kinda the best thing ever! EVER!!!

I am only two seasons in and already I've got an Mpreg fic building in my brain. I'm convinced I've got a serious mental disorder. I mean, I feel compelled to knock up all the boys. XDDDDD Oh well I've decided to quit questioning my weirdness. lol.

Anyways I'm only two seasons in so the fic might have to wait.

Currently LOLing at the Gilmore Girls reference in a current episode.
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Right so while I was failing at being a mod this round at [ profile] wizsprogs a lovely gem of a fic posted, and I read it and I commented on it and I promised it a rec and being the giant failure I am lately--I forgot to put up a reminder to rec it. Well here is that long, overdue rec.

Jedem das Seine

The wonderful [ profile] kinky_kneazle wrote this and was worried about writing it for a bit, if I recall correctly, and I am so glad she wrote it. SO GLAD!

I am a not so secret Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald shipper. It's fucking canon slash! If you don't ship it YOU SHOULD! And if you don't read Mpreg well then you're missing out on like the best ever Albus D/Gellert G slash ever! EVER!

That being said, I should warn you HEAD THE WARNINGS. It is difficult subject material. Kneazley handles the era of Dumbledore and Grindelwald so well, she handles THEM so well and stays true to who they were, especially Gellert. And there are so many, SO MANY, great lines in this fic. I've got a whole post-it on my laptop full of them. And there is Harry/Draco Mpreg in this story as well--but it's about Gellert and Albus, as it should be. It's about a love that cannot overcome prejudice and hatred and the absolute need for power. And it's fucking beautiful.

One of the lines I absolutely loved:
Gellert had the potential to be addictive; an opiate slipping into his brain and taking away his good sense.

And the H/D line that made me melt, like the fangirl I am:
He was in love with Draco Malfoy, who still had a black shadow on his arm, and perhaps a darker one on his soul.
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You guys should vote. I am so down for Dallas and Spring break (March 15-whenever) usually or Summer unless it's a weekend then I can totally make a three day trip :)

If you guys can go,dooooooo it! :) I want to meet people. I am too social for my own good and all that ;)
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(if you touch me) you'll understand what happiness is

So, it's no secret that I have an undying love for one incest pairing. And that pairing is Sirius/Regulus. I don't even know how my love of them started, something for kinkfest ages ago I think. But it just made sense to me. And whoever wrote this, they seemed to make sense to this author too. Because everything in this fic is everything and more that I believe about Sirius/Regulus.

He gives you a once-over before he goes, eyes tracing your face, then your naked body, carelessly displayed. What does he see when he looks at you? The POV is Sirius and it's Regulus looking at him, being so openly in love/lust with his brother, in this Regulus adores Sirius. And it's just GUH!

I love the silence there is not a word spoken between them from start to finish. It's like Sirius is steadily trying to ignore that Regulus is there while simultaneously wanting to pull him close. He tries to kid himself about how this has no meaning about how he doesn't care for his brother, it's Regulus who is the whining needing one, not Sirius--but I think underneath it all Regulus goes to him because he knows how badly Sirius needs him and not the other way around.

It's a work of pure brilliance. Genius. Really.
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It's official you guys, I can't lie about it any longer--I have an addiction to Mpreg. NO SHAME HERE! XD So if all my fics are filled with man on man babies from now on you lot have been warned XD

[ profile] merlinmpreg is coming soon!
Banner by [ profile] phoenixacid.
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The Diary She Carries With Her

This is one of those rare Harry/Ginny fics I enjoy because it's such an interesting take on canon. I absolutely love the idea of Tom still creeping into Ginny's thoughts. He could have been her first love for all we know. I mean he was the only person she talked to and told everything and he was a smooth talker, attractive, and you know fucking evil as hell--what's not to love.

It's smut and she's fucking Harry but it's more than that like she's reaching into him, pulling out the darker bits of Tom and making it with him instead. BRILLIANT READ and awesome writing. I mean come on I READ HARRY/GINNY so you know it's gotta be good!
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Right so there is this, and it is kinda fucking amazing. The best second-person POV I've read in fandom. No. Joke.

It is insanely fantastic and it starts out with this person and we never know if they are male or female, and they've been dumped and are pissed and are like STFU WORLD and it's fucking glorious. THEN They are like fuck it stick out their wand and they summon the knight bus and who do they come across but Stan Shunpike! And he's got a fat long cock apparently and there is sex on the knight bus and OMFG I want to have sex on the Knight Bus because really it sounds like fun.

I'd say more but there isn't much to say other than THIS FIC IS FANTASTIC AND YOU SHOULD READ IT because really it isn't getting all the feels like it deserves.

And I loooooove it and I didn't even like Stan Shunpike, but now I am hoping to meet him on the Knight Bus one day so we can get randy and get tossed around. XD

I also want the person to be a character but you can read who I thought it was in the comments because you will read it, yes :DDDDDD *bats the lashes*

Conducting Business
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So I come, once again, bearing recs. Well, one rec really. And I read it the day it posted but it's taken me this long to form semi-coherent thought and I had to calm down on the flail just to write this.

Pocket Full Of Starlight (Never Let It Fade Away)

I almost didn't click on this because I thought it would be mega fluffy and if you are here you know I fail at writing fluff just like I fail at reading copious amounts of it. *dodges all the tomatoes* Anyways this fic. THIS FIC! Like...I can''s *spazzes all over the place* I want to write this fucking awesome!


This fic has it all!
*Kids with faults who seem like fucking terrors (like their fathers) when they set their minds to it
*Harry and Draco who are so fucking in love it hurts almost and who are both too stupid to stfu(I mean this in the good way I SWEAR) and run back to each other already
*AN AMAZING LUCIUS AND NARCISSA (and while I don't particularly like canon Lucius. He's still Lucius enough for me to believe he's Lucius while being a BAMF Grandfather)
*A girlfriend of Harry's that doesn't turn out to be a nightmare of a cow that you want to shank
* SOME OF THE HOTTEST H/D SEX I'VE READ IN A LONG, LONG TIME Not that that's what this fic is about but GODDAMN it was awesome. DRACO SPREADING HIS LEGS THAT'S ALL I CAN SAY. I mean for srs you guys!
*OMG ANGST But like it's so worth it at the end and it's not like angst you can't handle. I promise. Let the author make you misty eyed and make the author or authors put you back together again and make you cry all the tears of happiness.

Of all the fics I've read at the fest this year this is one of the top three for me. It takes the mother fucking cake!

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I Was a Teenage Werewolf

HOT! Like ridiculously so >.> I won't lie I kind of have a weak spot for knotting fic and that uncontrollable desire when there are "mates" or possible mates and things. Like fucking becomes pure instinct more than desire because if you've ever had a "I don't give a damn I need it right the fuck now and you are gonna give it to me and you are gonna fucking LIKE IT!" then you can sorta relate :D But yes, just GUH I am melting in the brain and I am here to shoo you off to read it. It's fun, it's hot, and it needs a fucking sequel when reveals go up *gives the author big puppy eyes* PLEASE AUTHOR WE NEED ALL THE HARRY/DRACO PUPPIES *bats eyelashes*

My favorite part:

Which is why he shrugged off the rest of his clothes and rolled Malfoy onto his belly, dragging his hips up and spreading him open. Merlin, he was so wet it was trickling down his thighs. It would be okay. Harry could do this, if Malfoy needed him to so badly, and he could pull out before he came. He could. He would.

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You know, there are times when I think I've read the last of the great fanfiction. And what I mean by "great" is the unique, the amazingly touching and the insanely intense fics that just reach out and grab me and stay with me and I am not predicting them exactly as they are before they end (hell I write like that a lot of the time, predictable, so I don't mean that harshly).

Take What's Left of Me

Spoilers ahoy, because you will not shut me up about this fic.

First off: THIS HARRY! ALL THE AWARDS TO THIS HARRY! He's fucking OMG! From the minute you meet him you can sense all of the love he has for Draco, it is tangible and heavy on the heart. And I wouldn't have it any other way. He is just so in love and it is as raw and as painful as being in love truly is so I applaud the author.

Most of all what he does for Draco, out of love is so very powerful and heartbreaking. I love it. There is this raw ache that I felt when Harry first held his son and I was so very proud of how selfless and courageous he was to give Draco the one thing Draco wants and despite the fact it must have ached to give away his baby HE DID IT because he didn't want to watch Draco suffer. SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS!

I also quite loved Astoria. She's like a true friend to Draco, she knows and loves him and wants to give him happiness. There is such intense respect between them, she and Draco and I think it's a rather beautiful friendship.

Quite a few people expressed a severe dislike of Draco in this fic. I cannot agree with that. Personally I thought he was perfection so very canon and guarded and in love with Harry as much as Harry was with him. He's a prick, sure BUT he's a downright nightmare in the books so that's not far off the mark. As far as him not being as in love as Harry I don't think that's true--there is this heavy cowl of duty and responsibility that we see through all the books "What it is to be a Malfoy" if you'd like and I think that is portrayed in this fic beautifully. It's not so much that Draco is a "coward". I mean DUH he is, but he's not as spineless as people would like to believe. It is very selfless to throw away love to do what you feel you must. There are centuries of tradition and expectation and to run away from that, to me, would make him a coward in his own mind. So in his own mind, this Draco, was being brave.

The ending is hard for me to swallow. I mean it's lovely and wraps up the heartbreak in a nice fluffy package. But to be honest I would have loved to see Draco find out and things not change because that sense of duty--the heavy crown that both of these men carry in this fic would have been even more monumental if there was tangible desire and desperation between them and they both knew it would never come to be. BUT alas it is not my fic and I am kind of envious that I didn't think of this first because OMG WHAT A CONCEPT AND HOW WONDERFUL! I mean it. I really did love this fic. Truly and deeply.

Bravo Mystery Author and if you are who I think you are then I already stalk fangirl your fics like WHOA.
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Bad Faith in Name, But Gracious in Nature

This is an excellent fic. It's full of brilliant imagery, witty humor, and TEDDY LUPIN :D

So you need to read it. This seriously left me without words for how amazing it is :) And Portrait Snape is pretty much perfect.

I especially love the line:"I'd be a terrible real boyfriend," Draco said. Harry's mouth felt dry, and he took a hesitant step towards him. "I'm possessive, and jealous. I'll misread your intentions deliberately."

So go read it and enjoy it :D
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Harry/Draco, Mpreg, Postpartum Depression, Divorce, and another big one I don't want to tell you about because, well, it's quite nice NOT ruining the whole fic.

This fic is about what happens when love dies and there is still the very real and very permanent link between two people. And I say "love dies" but what I mean is really when love doesn't properly flourish, when it's feared and ignored and withers in the dark.

This fic is full of issues dealing with relationships and children and I quite enjoyed it. Honestly there were times when I wondered if it was going to turn out fluffy and perfect at the end and the thought made me frown, but the author didn't disappoint and kept it mostly realistic (you know aside from Wizards and male pregnancy, things I love that aren't realistic). Personally I think they were too far gone to ever successfully live together again, but everyone likes a "Happy" ending. I say "Happy" because it isn't really.

It is hopeful and depressing equally.

What I said in my comment and what I still mean:

What I love about this is that it's okay but never right between Harry and Draco. They are both so terribly guarded and insecure. And what I love about this Draco is that he's lashing out to protect himself (or at least that is how it feels). He's afraid to love, he's afraid to change, and he's afraid of the vulnerability Harry brings out in him. I think they are in love, they just don't know how to love--as so many people in life don't and this truth is what makes me love this fic even more.

Read it. Love it. DO IT NOW!
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This is more than a love story, at least it is to me.

I love the absolute longing, fear, bitterness, and rage Harry has in this fic. He is a human Harry I recognize. A Harry who has had something very important stolen from him and he is losing hope even as Draco comes to him rekindling the not-so-secret longing.

This Draco is what I love most, and from the title and through out the entire fic I had an idea of what would happen and the author did not disappoint--I would have been irritated if it had gone another way (Not that it can't because fuck all it's not MY story, right?) but it didn't and this Draco is canon enough for me--even when it seems that he is giving he isn't he is full of guilt and is wanting the taste of freedom and he gives out of selfishness, or at least that's what I got out of him and I FUCKING LOVE IT!

This is a fic that will stay with me for a long time, it's not so much a love story--even though there is a relationship in it, not a graphic one but one that gives the illusion that there will be more to come later--but to me it is more than just a love story. This is a fic that dived beneath my bones and has settled in my heart. I applaud the mystery author. This was unique and horrifying, in a way, and wonderful from the first sentence to the last.
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there’s a trick with a dragon I’m learning to do

I can't even tell you what I love about this fic without flailing like a mad muppet and scream-talking like the insane fangirl I am. The Kiss Jargon of Squee would irritate and boggle your mind, no doubt. So suffice to say when I read this fic I was floored.

The author of this fic uses economics and bank stuff and politics and things that go over the Kiss' head--she takes them and weaves them into this wonderful story that never once made me feel as if I were drowning in the deep--swimming through a language I could never understand.

This Draco--OMFG this Draco! He is so canon to me and I dare people to disagree because I won't listen to you if you do ;) His absolute absorption in things Harry doesn't understand, his burning passion, and somewhere in there he is still the sadist Malfoy Harry knew in school, secretly grinning like the cat who got the cream because he's got the whole of Wizarding UK eating out of the palm of his hand--and he uses them to get what he wants, to get what he wants with Harry and it's fucking beautiful and more than just a love story. I am envious--if I could write half as well as this author I'd have an ego the size of Dallas XD. If you are looking for pure porn or something superficial it is not here--there is wonderful depth with a realistic amount of smut (Because when you live with someone and they share your bed then you are having the smut in your life and if you aren't you damn sure ain't doing it right XD)

It's a brilliant read and I wish I had the words to express exactly how brilliant and how amazing and how every fucking synonym for those words this fic is. ALL THE AWARDS!
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Since it is late and I am waiting for my drugs (prescribed I promise) to kick in and knock my ass out for the night I figured I could use this time to avoid writing to give you guys some long deserved Recs.

I will do separate posts for each rec as I like to give individual love to each of the fics I rec. :D KISS SPAM WILL BE HAPPENING SOON.


Every now and then we find fics that touch us someplace deeper than our hearts; fics that dive to the deepest parts of our souls and touch something very vulnerable and painful--this is one of those fics and I mean this in the best possible way. This Millicent is something more than human; a fragile withered caterpillar that slowly transforms into this not so beautiful butterfly. But what's great about her is that she doesn't have to be beautiful to be loved, she doesn't have to be amazing or anything more than ordinary, and her constant bitterness is something I understand, but even more than that I can relate to her small slivers of hope--the ones she clings to desperately even if she doesn't want to believe she still has a lingering amount of faith. This desperation to be loved, whole, accepted--all of it is human, so very stark and frank but written with such wonderful imagery. You will grit your teeth with Millie, cry with her, feel vulnerable, sense her hope, laugh with her--basically you will walk in her shoes and it is beautiful.

Go watch Millicent's Metamorphosis and be moved beyond reason.
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No one I can flail at is on at the moment, but yes I am having a fangirl flail and I feel like flying I am so on cloud nine :D

That is all. XD


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