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[ profile] kitty_fic put a picture up at her journal that inspired this. I decided to challenge myself and see how much I could write in thirty minutes. So here is my fic that I started at Seven and finished at seven thirty.

1000+ words and sorta R rated

Disclaimer: Don't own em, don't sue.

Summary: On vacation Harry discovers the similarities between his youngest son and himself.

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Title: Promise
Author: crazyparakiss
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Al/OMCS, AS/S
Summary: Al has a thing for blonds, and they have a way of breaking his heart. After a break up he always needs a cup of tea along with a friendly ear, and it helps to have a good looking blond to stare at.
Warnings: Sex, mentions of bestiality (but it isn't graphic and isn't Al or Scorp)
Word Count: 3,394
Author's Notes: I know it isn't the fic I promised you...that damn thing is about to hit the recycle bin...but I hope you like it anyway. :D Also I have no clue what this is about; it might just be my version of PWP. A little Flangst too.

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Author: [ profile] crazyparakiss
Title: Real Men
Pairing(s): Gellert Grindelwald/Albus Dumbledore
Rating: Soft R
Warnings: Sex (not very graphic)
Word Count: 2,500+
Summary: Now it’s all change-it’s got to change more
We think it’s getting better,
But nobody’s really sure...

Notes: Written as a holiday gift fic for[ profile] leticiae, who is the most wonderful friend a person could ever hope to meet. :D She and I share a passion for music and there was a song that inspired this fic. It moved me: Real Men by Joe Jackson with a phenomenal cover by Tori Amos.

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Author: [ profile] crazyparakiss
Title: Dudley
Pairing(s): Dudley/OMC
Rating:PG-13 (On the off chance that boys kissing boys bothers anyone)
Warnings:Boys kissing boys
Word Count:465
Summary: Will the tap be cold tonight as well, or will the land lady have fixed it? Who knows, he thinks as a loving caressing tongue enters his mouth, and who cares?
Notes: I've never really written anything Dudley centric so I hope that you like it dear! For [personal profile] wwmrsweasleydo

Small eternities pass in which his mother doesn’t call, gifts no longer come, there is no money or well wishes on any holidays. When he calls, just to check in, his father refers to him as a perverted freak of nature. Broad shoulders slump and he feels as worthless and helpless as he imagines Harry did all those years ago. Back when he was still the doted child and Potter was the freak. The hidden person they pretended didn’t exist, and now that person is him; Dudley.

He could lie, say that he is changed; cured, as they’d like to believe. But would it make things better, would it keep him happy? Probably not. Lying doesn’t fix problems, it only builds them up making them infinitely worse. He’s learned that from years of watching his parents lie their way up, only to be knocked down when they were caught.

There are days when he wishes he wasn’t in a crummy flat with a shoddy land lady who doesn’t bother to fix the constantly cold “hot” water. He hates that he has to boil water for the bath, hates that no matter how hard he tries rain water drips in from the ceiling every time it pours. There are a lot of things about this place he hates, and about the life that he is living. But there is one thing that makes it all worthwhile. Sammy Kensington.

Blue, blue eyes, and a boyish grin; every morning when he wakes to see them Dudley knows that he is blessed even if at times this place seems like complete hell.
Sammy lures him back to safety when his depression threatens to drown him. Dudley is made strong again by the adoring eyes and husky whispers Sammy graces him with whenever they meet after work. The first moment of their evening, the first true moment of Dudley’s day, is when they stand on the stoop of the building while Dudley fumbles with the key. Slim golden fingers brushing against his thick forearm while Sammy laughs at his obvious nervousness. Even after nearly a year Dudley feels frightened in the presence of his lover. What if today he leaves, will that make his parents right? Does that mean that homosexuals are doomed to life without true love? The thoughts that race always make him queasy.

Then there are the gentle kisses to his temple and lips; his tall slender lover wraps his arms about Dudley’s thick neck...and like magic all of the tension eases away. Leaving only him, only this man, and the rest of his unknown future. Will the tap be cold tonight as well, or will the land lady have fixed it? Who knows, he thinks as a loving caressing tongue enters his mouth, and who cares?

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[ profile] bgreenwivy I know it's been a while since your birthday, and I wanted to give you a gift fic but I've been damn busy. So I went and watch DH part 1 last night(No spoilers, promise). Then came home and wrote this for you at three when I got home. Beware I've just barely done a quick scan through for errors and the like. The movie was my inspiration, and I must say that if you are feeling wary because of the last movie flist then I say DON'T. Of course there are great differences between the book and the movie. However, after that last film which cocked up my favorite book of all time I must say this one is really quite good in comparison.

ENOUGH on that though onto my brilliant written at three a.m. fic ;P

Author: [ profile] crazyparakiss
Title: If Kindness be Weakness and Courage be Foolish Then Let Me be a Kind Fool
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,580
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Warnings: War stuff, angst-ish, BOYS KISSING BOYS
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: They have a similar problem; one is big and one is small.
Author Notes: FOR B! She is pretty amazing and I just love her honesty when she beta reads the crap I put down. She's not afraid to give a good spanking, sorry dear the booze is talking now! ;P

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