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So I said Beltane would be the last thing I signed up for until after May...HAH I lied.

I just signed up for rarepairs and harrydracompreg. I still have yet to finish Kinkfest, though it's coming, am almost done with Harlequin and I've made lots of stuff for Beltane but not worked on my actual fic.

BAM I fail.

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Up 3,000 words on this fic since I left Chatzy last night.

A billion (not possible) typos but I like the overall feel to it now. *rubs hands together gleefully and dashes off to write more*

Hope all of you lovelies are getting some words written! XD *channels inspirational thoughts to you all*
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If you are new welcome to one of my "fest moments".

So this is me, sitting at my desktop because my laptop is sucking balls in a horrible fashion at the moment. So here I am sitting, supposed to be working on my not finished 29,001 word fic that needs MORE words, and I am not doing what I am supposed to do. *pulls at face* Damn my brain, WORK!

So now in a fit of desperation I am eating the remaining bucket of dirt cake I made Sunday night. Glorious dirt cake, nom nom nom, and I am glaring at the open document.

Someone please kick me in the buttocks and tell me to move it! Been watching old British comedies all day and This Is Spinal Tap. Not very productive, yes. Also I am becoming rather addictive to the free manga sites with their yaoi goodness, where is my dreaded beast of a mother when I need her. She always knows how to yell at me until I do what I have to. As of yet I am not desperate enough to go to her house and write. I'd get stuck cleaning that horded mess if I did. *shudder*

Alright, back to the grind! *dashes off to most likely be distracted again*
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Soooo, if you read my crazy OMG WHAT WAS I THINKING fic Dancing Through Life with Strangers then you might be pleased to know that I have the second chapter completed. All thirteen plus thousand words! W007!!!

Now you might not be pleased to know that it will be a little while fine tuning it. Which I have been doing for the past three weeks that it's been complete. I was having trouble finding Harry's voice. Originally, I had planned on having two chapters per POV, but that leaves a lot of things unanswered. Which is one of the reasons this took so long to complete. Draco's second chapter was almost finished and I had to break ground with Harry's. Harry is kind of a complex, yet not really, creature in this. And I am discovering him along with you guys. He's childishly mature, and he's cowardly brave. Basically he is a huge oxymoron of a mess. He's coming to life before me and I have to see if he works before I pass him on to you.

With Draco I had her/him in my head. I know Draco. I just know her/him in this. Harry I have five different ways for him to go and he is stubbornly refusing them all. It'd help if I worked with a beta, which I will once the whole thing is complete and needs further fine tuning. This is that ONE that I have to get out first, in all it's horrifying glory, and then have someone go back over it with me once the mania has worn down. :D

Now that the preliminary excuses are out of the way let's get down to fic chat, shall we?

Spoilers, most definitely )


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