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Rules, Timelines, and How to Nominate a Fic

To Make Nominations/Ask Questions:
Nomination period: October 1st - October 28th, 2012
Voting period: November 1st - December 31st, 2012
Winners announced: by January 10th, 2013

I don't expect to win, ever. But I'd like to say thank you to whomever nominated me, it's cool that someone enjoyed this fic. Especially since I didn't expect anyone to read it :) As always you people are awesome and amaze me *squishes*

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Decided to just answer all the questions instead of having people ask. Since I suck and have been M.I.A I doubt I have many of you following me much anymore.

Fan things )
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A big part of me would die too.

I know that sounds really melodramatic, or possibly as if I have no life--but it's true. There is this big fear in me that one day fandom will cease to be as brilliant and bright as it was when I first arrived (as a lurker) at fourteen. That's been ten years, loves, TEN YEARS of my life finding meaning in words people, like me, had written.

The more I write the more I lose sight of the bigger picture and so I've decided after these fests I am taking a break from writing and I am going to go full on cheerleader/reader/occasional gift writer. I want more people to get their voices out there I want to witness the birth of new fandom stars and prolific writers. And, more than that I want to witness the quiet brilliance of some almost unheard voices.

There is brilliance in you all and I am just waiting for you to show it to me. :)

Pink Elephant in the Fandom Living Room? This is what brought it about and Fray says it so much better than I ever could (because come on it's FRAY ;D)

So I wanna know, what can we do to keep fandom alive and strong? I don't want it to become some closed circle of cliques where lurkers or people just getting into HP feel as if they will never belong. Fuck, it took me a good two years to actually get more than three fandom friends and even those I was wary of bothering too much because I felt like an outsider.

And I know you can't like everyone. God knows I don't but I try and some people I mesh with more than others. BUT welcoming the newbies in isn't about meshing right away, right? It's about letting them know they are not alone and about stepping out of our cotton pants and slipping into lacy danger panties ;) Let's try something new. And the whole "OMG THIS SUCKS" attitude that comes from writers (and I am guilt of thinking this just like probably every one of you are) is something we need to dust off. Some people take a little longer to find their talent than others that doesn't mean they deserve comments any less, if anything they need them more (or PMs preferably as publicly humiliating someone is never a nice thing IMO) to help them hone their craft. I know I'd be complete shite without Curi and Annie and Rike.

Anyways, you guys are probably like LOOK KISS IS HERE, WASN'T SHE GOING ON HIATUS? Yeah, yeah--it's partial hiatus and this was just something I felt I had to say, though my thoughts are always so sporadic I am not sure what the main point was anymore other than PLEASE NO TO BE DISBANDING AND LEAVING ME TO PLAY IN THIS BOX ALONE I'd cry an ocean :(
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Needle Hands

Seriously it was the "best" title I could come up with at last minute. It was my first attempt at fandom art and when I am done with 3BB that will probably be my last. The reason being I am not a true artist. I am more of a person who likes to paint/draw faces and I don't really have artistic depth. And it's fucking hard to make art for a prompt lol. I had to write the fic last minute because I realized my art didn't have much to do with the original prompt.

Started writing for [ profile] wizsprogs, my own prompt so don't worry I haven't snatched up any of the amazing ones early for myself ;) Prompting closes tonight, so if there is some sort of mpreg-y fic you want to see written get over there and leave a prompt.
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I want to try doing an art prompt, but I am not all that great...especially since I don't paint and draw much anymore. And I've never been great at drawing men but I want to try a Harry Draco pic. Hmmmm...maybe I will just look at the prompts that get left over after the art fest and try to see if I am any good at actually drawing what someone wants.

Well back to betaing this fic and then cleaning this stupidly messy house. *wishes she had a hot maid*
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My heart belongs to Daddy Malfoy XD

Who is your Harry Potter Mate
Your Result: Lucius Malfoy

Your mate desires power more then anything. You would do anything to get that for him. With his looks and your desires, you both will go far. The pimp cane is just an added bonus.

Draco Malfoy
Lord Voldemort
Severus Snape
Ronald Weasley
Harry Potter
Remus Lupin
Albus Dumbledore
Who is your Harry Potter Mate
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz
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If you are new welcome to one of my "fest moments".

So this is me, sitting at my desktop because my laptop is sucking balls in a horrible fashion at the moment. So here I am sitting, supposed to be working on my not finished 29,001 word fic that needs MORE words, and I am not doing what I am supposed to do. *pulls at face* Damn my brain, WORK!

So now in a fit of desperation I am eating the remaining bucket of dirt cake I made Sunday night. Glorious dirt cake, nom nom nom, and I am glaring at the open document.

Someone please kick me in the buttocks and tell me to move it! Been watching old British comedies all day and This Is Spinal Tap. Not very productive, yes. Also I am becoming rather addictive to the free manga sites with their yaoi goodness, where is my dreaded beast of a mother when I need her. She always knows how to yell at me until I do what I have to. As of yet I am not desperate enough to go to her house and write. I'd get stuck cleaning that horded mess if I did. *shudder*

Alright, back to the grind! *dashes off to most likely be distracted again*


Apr. 14th, 2011 08:50 pm
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So I am trying, big trying, to get back into photoshop and am trying out my own Mpreg manips, Dave is making fun of me hard core cause I suck apparently.

This is the only one I've done so far and it is a load of crap! clicky clicky for a large pic-y )

So if you guys have any advice/neato mpreg/manip walk through's let me know. XD
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It's pretty awesome how just one nice thing said about you, by an anon person can brighten your day. I'm sure I know them, have to, but just to know that someone appreciates something you do here in fandom makes it seem a little more worth while. So drop a line. I have on about almost all you lovelies, and make someone's day better. (Some of you aren't H/D like Jeala_Triump, but she knows I love her bunches *squish* bb)

I am thankful for you all and love every single one of you I've had the pleasure to "meet", here's to more years together! Cheers!

2011-02-20 12:03 am UTC
I love how you are not afraid to speak your mind, I love how happy you seem in your own skin. Your fics are so original and you are just ace.
Thanks, and know that I love you too! ;)


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