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Yeah so I am going to need a beta, one who can preferably put up with my annoying ups and downs. I'm a raving lunatic, I swear it!

I have a beta and they are awesome like no other buuuut the one rule they have I will be breaking and I hate to irritate people blatantly. I cannot proof read this, I will not have time, and I will most likely send it with a million flaws. If you are very picky about correction to page ratio then you won't be the beta for me. Generally I like to catch my annoyingly common mistakes before I send the work to be read over by new eyes. Again I will not be able to this round. So someone please, please, please volunteer. *puppy eyes*

I am great with you telling me it is total shit or a complete insult to literary geniuses everywhere. Cool with that, so long as you tell me why can't get better if I don't know the reason certain things don't work. If it is just a personal preferance I will take it to heart, if something is correct but just doesn't work for you let me know. Coz there is a good chance it won't work for someone else. If I'm insulted you'll never know, I ain't one to hold a grudge.

So that said I should probably tell you what it's about:

Well it deals with Teen pregnancy, male teen pregnancy, but not in the "OMG EVERYTHING IS WORKING OUT FOR US" way. That sorta happens, but not to the point of everything is perfect. It is past tense, which I suck at be warned, and deals with the POVs of two main characters. Draco and his son. Draco and Harry are married with a few kids, and the eldest is up the duffer. WOOT! NC-17 most definitely, and I'd tell you who the father of the baby is but that'd really give the whole thing away. There isn't anything squick worthy, unless Mpreg and gay man sex bothers you. A slight hint at suspected incest but that goes out the window rather fast and is meant to be humorous.

Not sure when it's due, but I've claimed the prompt fairly recently. It's nine thousand words and counting. I imagine it will be about twenty at the most when finished. Hopefully not more.

I hate to ask you guys, generally I look over my fics myself and the little nusances there in are easily overlooked. I ain't perfect, I know. lol. But this I want to have real purpose and not just be sex with plot thrown in, ballsy I know, and it is rather new for me to do things the way I am writing them. So I need a person with lots of input. I may not use all that input but I value your take on the subject.

If you'd like to help me and put up with my ass, I'd be eternally grateful. Even if you could help me clean it up before I send it to my other beta, that'd really be grate. She doesn't have much time and neither do I so any help in between would be rad! Because I understand that you are busy as well. By this point I have no clue if I am making sense. Need More RedBull.

Anyways, any help is most appreciated and I know that I don't deserve such help, cause I am a pretty random flake, but I'd really really thank you if I did. As in I will write you a ton of porn to your specification, and will try any kink except for the CHAN, I don't do that ever! Any Pairing even! I am reaching and desperate here!


Jul. 18th, 2010 11:39 am
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Hello my lovely flist, I am kinda in need of a last minute beta.

This fic is due by the first of August. I know the fic I said I was dropping, but I got re-inspired.

Albus/Scorpius, not sure on the rating yet as I've only got three pages.

A classic Romeo and Juliet type theme, ummm but the prompter doesn't want it to end like the original. Which in my opinion is crap, because it ended the exact way it was meant to love like that is lust and fades with time, okay stopping that rant.

Alright so if anyone is willing to help, you don't even have to beta it hard core just point out a few problems, story flow, and all that jazz. If not I will get it myself but I ALWAYS miss something.


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