Mar. 19th, 2010 07:38 pm
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Immortal Beloved:Thrice My Words Befell Deaf Ears

There are a bunch of pictures here of two different paintings I've done recently. The first one is an AS/S painting I did for [ profile] bryoneybrynn which she did receive and will post about when she has the time :) I made it for her fic Summer Boys If you haven't read it (shame on you) then you must go read it now!

Now the second painting was painted for a fic I will never finish. I actually started the fic for the painting and then gave up the fic. The title of the painting would have been the title of the fic, so in the future if you see the fic expect the painting to be mentioned at least once in the story.

Okay I am off to bake a coffee cake, mmmmm.
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I finally got [ profile] bryoneybrynn's picture painted. I decided on AS/S, the inspiration came from her story Summer Boys, if you haven't read it click on her name and get your butt on it! It is the most amazing thing ever. I <3 the angst of it! You can view the snap shots of that painting in my scrape book. Since my scanner is effing busted I can't scan it in, so the shots aren't as good of quality as the scanner. Sorry.

My Scrapebook

Also [ profile] bryoneybrynn when you get the photo, if you have a scanner will you scan it in for me and send me it in a file to my email? I will love you forever!!! I just like to keep scanned copies of all of my work.

Art Post

Oct. 6th, 2009 03:36 pm
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Here is a picture I painted the other day in my new sketch book.

Hello blondie )


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