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A big part of me would die too.

I know that sounds really melodramatic, or possibly as if I have no life--but it's true. There is this big fear in me that one day fandom will cease to be as brilliant and bright as it was when I first arrived (as a lurker) at fourteen. That's been ten years, loves, TEN YEARS of my life finding meaning in words people, like me, had written.

The more I write the more I lose sight of the bigger picture and so I've decided after these fests I am taking a break from writing and I am going to go full on cheerleader/reader/occasional gift writer. I want more people to get their voices out there I want to witness the birth of new fandom stars and prolific writers. And, more than that I want to witness the quiet brilliance of some almost unheard voices.

There is brilliance in you all and I am just waiting for you to show it to me. :)

Pink Elephant in the Fandom Living Room? This is what brought it about and Fray says it so much better than I ever could (because come on it's FRAY ;D)

So I wanna know, what can we do to keep fandom alive and strong? I don't want it to become some closed circle of cliques where lurkers or people just getting into HP feel as if they will never belong. Fuck, it took me a good two years to actually get more than three fandom friends and even those I was wary of bothering too much because I felt like an outsider.

And I know you can't like everyone. God knows I don't but I try and some people I mesh with more than others. BUT welcoming the newbies in isn't about meshing right away, right? It's about letting them know they are not alone and about stepping out of our cotton pants and slipping into lacy danger panties ;) Let's try something new. And the whole "OMG THIS SUCKS" attitude that comes from writers (and I am guilt of thinking this just like probably every one of you are) is something we need to dust off. Some people take a little longer to find their talent than others that doesn't mean they deserve comments any less, if anything they need them more (or PMs preferably as publicly humiliating someone is never a nice thing IMO) to help them hone their craft. I know I'd be complete shite without Curi and Annie and Rike.

Anyways, you guys are probably like LOOK KISS IS HERE, WASN'T SHE GOING ON HIATUS? Yeah, yeah--it's partial hiatus and this was just something I felt I had to say, though my thoughts are always so sporadic I am not sure what the main point was anymore other than PLEASE NO TO BE DISBANDING AND LEAVING ME TO PLAY IN THIS BOX ALONE I'd cry an ocean :(


May. 3rd, 2012 10:38 pm
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I like living in my brain.

That's all XD
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And I give you a few of the quotes I've found on tumblr. I made none of them so they aren't mine and I have NOT changed them.

Kiss Spam of Quotes )
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Angst, because it's hot! Go read and love! And try to guess which one I wrote ;) I dare ya! If you can I might even write you a fic. Certain people, who've already read it, are excluded from this challenge (yes I see you being sneaky sneaky XD)

Comments screened so you can guess below :D
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Time to get to Wizsprogs and read all the things, comment on them all and bounce excitedly for reveals!

I believe we are doing reveals on V-day, go give some love! Do it now!
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Stolen meme from Pessen

1.Which house do you suit/are in?
Slytherin in Pottermore but I'd DEMAND to be Hufflepuff if given the choice, more innocent and loyal minds to corrupt in there!

2.Which family do you admire, the Blacks, Potters or Weasleys?
The Blacks. They are a crazy, rich, inbred family who spawned Sirius and Regulus!

3.What is your Patronus?
If I had one it'd be a fish of some kind, most likely a shark as I find them frightening AND fascinating.

4.What does your Boggart turn into?
A Shark or Death. Most likely death as I still think sharks are awesome despite how freaky they are.

5.What do you force it to become, that's laughable?
Well I'd make the shark become BRUCE from Nemo cause he r rad and we'd do the creed "Fish are friends not food," and I would add "Humans are ALSO friends you beast," you know to avoid any awkward "Hi I eat you nao," moments. XD Death, meh I'd imagine him naked let's see if that'd make it funny. Not sure XD

6.Which spell do you prefer, Sectumsempra or Protego?
Sectumsepra, I wouldn't need to Protego anything if I cut a hoe in half! *snap snap*

7.What animal would you take to Hogwarts?
None. I might take an owl just cause I'd refuse to have a school owl and I like to send letters!

8.Who are your two best friends in Hogwarts? Any era.
Luna Lovegood and Sirius Black. Crazy(Luna) and Cruel(Sirius) impress me what can I say.

9.What is your HP OTP?
I have a few but I stick to H/D more than the others as I haven't found many fics I like for the others.

10.Which character would you marry?
HAHAHAH I wouldn't marry any of them but I'd definitely live in sin with a few.
Lucius (I have a father complex)
Sirius-He's crazy, vain, and a dick that's kinda hot to me >.>
Harry-Because come on it's HARRY!
NEVILLE BAMF LONGBOTTOM-I bet he's adventurous!
Draco-I imagine him as a prude and this makes me want to defile him and break him out of that mold!

11.Death Eater or Auror?
Neither I'll take my chances as a civilian who doesn't want to get killed for either thanks. DE=Likely to be killed fighting Auror
Auror=Likely to be killed fighting DE
Kiss=Smart enough to say "Fuck all that"

12.What is your most obvious house trait?

13.What is your favourite Wizard Rock song?
I know no Wizard Rock and I'd like to keep it that way.

14.Princes, Prewetts or Peverells?
Peverells-I will inherit a fucking CLOAK damnit!

15.If you could only learn fives spells, what would they be?
Accio(as I am lazy), Crucio (Sometimes I'd loooove to torture the motorists who piss me off), Protego, Sectumsempra, Portus(Cause I wanna go PLACES)

16.Which movie is your favourite, and which is your least favourite?
DH 2 since I can still remember liking it, least favorite Halfblood Prince seriously I wanted to shank David Yates for that one.

17.Which book did you like and which did you dislike?
Favorite is: HALFBLOOD PRINCE! Dislike:None really but my least favorite villain was Quirrell

18.Which professor strikes your fancy the most? And least?
Favorite is: Severus Least is: That batty hag with the crystal ball.

19.Did you get into Pottermore? Ignore it? Discard it?
Got in, read through the first book saw some stories for characters that I wanted and said DONE.

20.Which piece would you pick on a Wizard Chess board?

21.Which is your overall favourite character?
Regulus Black, he's seriously underrated. Ballsy kid that one. Or Neville because he is ALSO seriously underrated. Or Teddy Lupin because COME ON it's Teddy Lupin!

22.Which three characters are you most like?
Sirius. Kiss r dick, diva, stubborn, and crazy.

23.What scene would you like to be in, in any HP book/film? Without changing the outcome.
I'd like to be there when Voldemort kills James and Lily. I wanna watch the beginning I guess. *feels fucking weird for admitting that*

24.What scene would you least like to be in?
Madam Puddyfoot's or whatever with Cho and Harry, awkward dates I'd like to avoid them at ALL COSTS.

25.Did Voldemort/Riddle have any redeeming qualities in your opinion?
No just like in my opinion Snape and Lucius don't. Snape loved Lily that didn't necessarily make him a good person, you can be a horrible person and still care about someone. People do it everyday. Same for Lucius just because I honestly believe he loved Draco and Narcissa I don't think that's enough to redeem him.

Voldemort loved nothing but himself SERIOUSLY nonredeemable. Even that semi spark of him possibly being attracted to the batty bitch Bellatrix doesn't prove he loved her (when he freaks that Molly Weasley killed his hoe) so I stick to the theory that he loved no one and I'm not even convinced he could love himself with how desperate he was to change his appearance and things. In truth I pity him sad little man that he was.


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