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Decided to just answer all the questions instead of having people ask. Since I suck and have been M.I.A I doubt I have many of you following me much anymore.

Fan things )
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I've been thinking.

Dangerous, that.

I think I'll sit on it a while longer and come back to you all soon with a verdict.
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Basically what the subject line says. If you make banners and want to contribute some banners to [ profile] bottom_draco we'd be glad to have you! :D

Just remember: All art used must be credited to the artist and you must ask permission from the artist first, we don't want anyone feeling taken advantage of and it's polite to always ask. <3

You can comment here or PM the bottom Draco account for more information (fest themes, comm themes, that sort of thing) if you'd like :)

Hope you are all well!

<3's from Kiss
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Because I saw his face and knew I couldn't resist XD

Banner by [ profile] rzzmg.
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It's not much but thanks, whoever you guys are! It means the world to me to know that people find my brand of crazy enchanting/encouraging/kind. I love all of you guys. I think you are all full of epic brilliance and even when we don't always agree on things I'm still in your corner rooting for you to be the best YOU's you can be!

So thank you!

Ran across this on my random skim through fandom and it made my whole month! <3's
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Doctor. Cleaning the room that should have been cleaned ages ago. Grocers. Probably not in that order.

Tomorrow. All things Beta'ing, Modding, and Schedule making.

Friday. No clue probably avoiding writing and art, but it needs to be done.

I am available by email always, so if you need me after nine am (my time) hit me up.
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Tomorrow posting begins! :D

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We've got spaces to fill and need all the Mpreg. Has Al been secretly pining to carry Scorpius's baby? That night Severus Snape forgot his Johnny? Oops! Is there a secret Gellert/Albus D. baby we've been dying to read about? WELL YOU TELL US! We want all your HP Mpreg and we want it all now! :D

Banner will take you to a post with the links to the claiming post, as well as all the picture inspiration posts! Happy Mpregnating ;)

ALSO do not forget that all is fair here, Het, Femmeslash (be creative), Slash so long as a guy is pregnant, has been pregnant, is actively trying to become pregnant

Art by [ profile] vividescent
Banner by [ profile] singlemomsummer
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(if you touch me) you'll understand what happiness is

So, it's no secret that I have an undying love for one incest pairing. And that pairing is Sirius/Regulus. I don't even know how my love of them started, something for kinkfest ages ago I think. But it just made sense to me. And whoever wrote this, they seemed to make sense to this author too. Because everything in this fic is everything and more that I believe about Sirius/Regulus.

He gives you a once-over before he goes, eyes tracing your face, then your naked body, carelessly displayed. What does he see when he looks at you? The POV is Sirius and it's Regulus looking at him, being so openly in love/lust with his brother, in this Regulus adores Sirius. And it's just GUH!

I love the silence there is not a word spoken between them from start to finish. It's like Sirius is steadily trying to ignore that Regulus is there while simultaneously wanting to pull him close. He tries to kid himself about how this has no meaning about how he doesn't care for his brother, it's Regulus who is the whining needing one, not Sirius--but I think underneath it all Regulus goes to him because he knows how badly Sirius needs him and not the other way around.

It's a work of pure brilliance. Genius. Really.
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Something wrong with my brain.

I go to look for fics to read at Emo_fest because I am like YAY Emo_fest right, and I see my name by all these fics I don't remember writing.

It's official, my mother must have dropped me on my head as a child XD
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What inspires you!

Too lazy to much about with fancy links
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It's official you guys, I can't lie about it any longer--I have an addiction to Mpreg. NO SHAME HERE! XD So if all my fics are filled with man on man babies from now on you lot have been warned XD

[ profile] merlinmpreg is coming soon!
Banner by [ profile] phoenixacid.
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So my comp. While saturated in crazy toy that resembles cock (and I am killing my mother for buying this for my daughter) water is now working! YAY. I have my fic. Recovered BAM ALL OF THEM. FUCKING THERE IS AN INTERWEB GOD AND SHE ARE AMAZING!

I am hoping this isn't just a right now it works and tomorrow it's dead thing. I did leave it upturned for hours in front of the fan with a towel beneath. Mr Kiss says I was lucky it didn't go underneath the comp and that it was only on the keys and that the colored water seemed to be just that, colored water soooooo chances are it didn't fuck anything up if I can be typing on it.

I AM SOOOOO RELIEVED. I am also fishing out my mega huge USB drive and keeping all my precious words on it. And I am getting all the photos off of this so I have them incase of the death of my comp.

All of you who were commenting, PMing, and emailing and texting thank you! I know it sounds dumb to others but you guys probably get it when I say I am partially in love with my computer. It's what I have here in this place and it brings me together with you lot and I am thankful to have met you all through it. And there are days I need you all more than you'll ever know ALL THE LOVE FOR THIS FLIST

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So my comp has been bested by a fucking dollar toy! A fucking dollar toy! It exploded in my lap one of those sex toy looking squishy roll things that daughter handed to me. All over my laptop, all in my lap. It is not turning on. It is not doing anything. Twenty unfinished fics I have no fucking copies of because of a dollar sex looking toy! Somewhere there is a joke in all this but at the moment I am not finding the humor. My damn nextgendarkfest fix was THIS close to being done I was sending to Mags tonight and what the fuck happens the ragnarok of Pinky my beautiful, glorious less than four months old laptop. Fuck you, life fuck you good.

Note to self, buy a fic hard drive. Lesson fucking learned.
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The Diary She Carries With Her

This is one of those rare Harry/Ginny fics I enjoy because it's such an interesting take on canon. I absolutely love the idea of Tom still creeping into Ginny's thoughts. He could have been her first love for all we know. I mean he was the only person she talked to and told everything and he was a smooth talker, attractive, and you know fucking evil as hell--what's not to love.

It's smut and she's fucking Harry but it's more than that like she's reaching into him, pulling out the darker bits of Tom and making it with him instead. BRILLIANT READ and awesome writing. I mean come on I READ HARRY/GINNY so you know it's gotta be good!
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You Spin Me Round Like A Record

Does anyone else want to see more Blaise Zabini/Lee Jordan fic because I sure as hell do! Especially this Lee and this Blaise.

And this fic is proof you don't need porn scenes to write a really brilliant fic. It's the wonderful awkward beginning of trying to get with someone while being excited and all kinds of adorable and things. I especially love Lee for being oblivious to Gabrielle and how she doesn't quite get he's not going to shag her ever. I especially love how he thinks there is something wrong with her eyes. XD

Seriously read it. Fall in love with this very interesting pairing. I also love how Blaise is not a sap. He's vain and a bit rude and I like him anyways. So does Lee.

Yeah fantastic job Mystery Author. Fantastic!
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Right so there is this, and it is kinda fucking amazing. The best second-person POV I've read in fandom. No. Joke.

It is insanely fantastic and it starts out with this person and we never know if they are male or female, and they've been dumped and are pissed and are like STFU WORLD and it's fucking glorious. THEN They are like fuck it stick out their wand and they summon the knight bus and who do they come across but Stan Shunpike! And he's got a fat long cock apparently and there is sex on the knight bus and OMFG I want to have sex on the Knight Bus because really it sounds like fun.

I'd say more but there isn't much to say other than THIS FIC IS FANTASTIC AND YOU SHOULD READ IT because really it isn't getting all the feels like it deserves.

And I loooooove it and I didn't even like Stan Shunpike, but now I am hoping to meet him on the Knight Bus one day so we can get randy and get tossed around. XD

I also want the person to be a character but you can read who I thought it was in the comments because you will read it, yes :DDDDDD *bats the lashes*

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