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Dean and Sam.


You know I never thought I'd be one to catch a ride on the Wincest train, but honestly it makes sense.

And here's the kicker of it: I don't think either one of them is gay in the sense they're attracted to men. I don't think they are even attracted to each other, but they are in love. At least Dean is in love with Sam. Forget the black lady he spilled his guts to and the one he thought was the mother of his child. Dean would do anything for Sam...anything.

And it's not just brotherly devotion. The closest and most intimate relationship Dean's ever known is Sam. Even these two women were brief and fueled mostly by the lust coursing through little Dean. It's like a more awesome version of Flowers in the Attic. Dad locks kids away together for weeks at a time, months even, and makes them function without the love and attention they need. One it makes them a mess of insecurities. Sam is obsessed with being normal. And Dean is obsessed with Sam.

Also they don't function properly with or without each other. Then there are so many things that just point to Wincest. Though I personally don't see either one of them ever acting on what simmers beneath the surface. Dean is too righteous and Sam needs to be shown the truth to believe it and ain't no one helping that boy outta that closet, you know the one that hides the fact his brother is too tuned into him and vice versa (at times).

IDK, it's midnight and my thinker isn't so great at midnight (or any other time of day) but all I know is that Wincest...well it makes sense to me. I don't see Dean/Cas. Just because I don't see Gay!Dean. Or Gay!Sam for that matter, but I see them being with each other. I think what really put the nail in the coffin of Wincest for me was the episode with the Siren. You know the male one who totally tries to bro all over Dean and that's the one thing he wants more than anything in the world. He wants his little brother. Maybe he doesn't believe it's sexual love, but bottom line more than anything he loves Sam and the siren proves that to me. I mean COME ON! Then the flashback to high school and what the girl says to Dean about how she thought he'd be more loving like he is with his brother and I was like DUDE EVEN THE CHICKS YOU'RE PORKIN KNOW YOU GOT MEGA LOVE FOR YOUR BROTHER *is a bit excited about this* >.>

Annnnnyways. I am probably too tired to be making much sense, but Wincest--the awkward, non-fluffy, full of mixed signals, and possibly unrequited, never comes to pass love-love not brother love, but still somehow brother love.

All the more reason for my mother to think I'm a freak, because you know I can't contain my love for a ship. *shrugs*

ALSO: Hilarious Fangirl references about fanfiction. The crazed fangirl Becky with her love of Sam's firmness. LARPING *died when heard the comic book guy call them larpers* Also Trickster episode with them doing TV stuff BRILLIANT! All of this shit is WIN, just saying. I laugh so much it's insane.

Right, bed. Later. *blows kisses*
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