Jun. 26th, 2012

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(if you touch me) you'll understand what happiness is

So, it's no secret that I have an undying love for one incest pairing. And that pairing is Sirius/Regulus. I don't even know how my love of them started, something for kinkfest ages ago I think. But it just made sense to me. And whoever wrote this, they seemed to make sense to this author too. Because everything in this fic is everything and more that I believe about Sirius/Regulus.

He gives you a once-over before he goes, eyes tracing your face, then your naked body, carelessly displayed. What does he see when he looks at you? The POV is Sirius and it's Regulus looking at him, being so openly in love/lust with his brother, in this Regulus adores Sirius. And it's just GUH!

I love the silence there is not a word spoken between them from start to finish. It's like Sirius is steadily trying to ignore that Regulus is there while simultaneously wanting to pull him close. He tries to kid himself about how this has no meaning about how he doesn't care for his brother, it's Regulus who is the whining needing one, not Sirius--but I think underneath it all Regulus goes to him because he knows how badly Sirius needs him and not the other way around.

It's a work of pure brilliance. Genius. Really.


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