Jun. 22nd, 2012

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So my comp has been bested by a fucking dollar toy! A fucking dollar toy! It exploded in my lap one of those sex toy looking squishy roll things that daughter handed to me. All over my laptop, all in my lap. It is not turning on. It is not doing anything. Twenty unfinished fics I have no fucking copies of because of a dollar sex looking toy! Somewhere there is a joke in all this but at the moment I am not finding the humor. My damn nextgendarkfest fix was THIS close to being done I was sending to Mags tonight and what the fuck happens the ragnarok of Pinky my beautiful, glorious less than four months old laptop. Fuck you, life fuck you good.

Note to self, buy a fic hard drive. Lesson fucking learned.
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So my comp. While saturated in crazy toy that resembles cock (and I am killing my mother for buying this for my daughter) water is now working! YAY. I have my fic. Recovered BAM ALL OF THEM. FUCKING THERE IS AN INTERWEB GOD AND SHE ARE AMAZING!

I am hoping this isn't just a right now it works and tomorrow it's dead thing. I did leave it upturned for hours in front of the fan with a towel beneath. Mr Kiss says I was lucky it didn't go underneath the comp and that it was only on the keys and that the colored water seemed to be just that, colored water soooooo chances are it didn't fuck anything up if I can be typing on it.

I AM SOOOOO RELIEVED. I am also fishing out my mega huge USB drive and keeping all my precious words on it. And I am getting all the photos off of this so I have them incase of the death of my comp.

All of you who were commenting, PMing, and emailing and texting thank you! I know it sounds dumb to others but you guys probably get it when I say I am partially in love with my computer. It's what I have here in this place and it brings me together with you lot and I am thankful to have met you all through it. And there are days I need you all more than you'll ever know ALL THE LOVE FOR THIS FLIST



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