Jun. 19th, 2012

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So I come, once again, bearing recs. Well, one rec really. And I read it the day it posted but it's taken me this long to form semi-coherent thought and I had to calm down on the flail just to write this.

Pocket Full Of Starlight (Never Let It Fade Away)

I almost didn't click on this because I thought it would be mega fluffy and if you are here you know I fail at writing fluff just like I fail at reading copious amounts of it. *dodges all the tomatoes* Anyways this fic. THIS FIC! Like...I can't...it's *spazzes all over the place* I want to write this fucking awesome!


This fic has it all!
*Kids with faults who seem like fucking terrors (like their fathers) when they set their minds to it
*Harry and Draco who are so fucking in love it hurts almost and who are both too stupid to stfu(I mean this in the good way I SWEAR) and run back to each other already
*AN AMAZING LUCIUS AND NARCISSA (and while I don't particularly like canon Lucius. He's still Lucius enough for me to believe he's Lucius while being a BAMF Grandfather)
*A girlfriend of Harry's that doesn't turn out to be a nightmare of a cow that you want to shank
* SOME OF THE HOTTEST H/D SEX I'VE READ IN A LONG, LONG TIME Not that that's what this fic is about but GODDAMN it was awesome. DRACO SPREADING HIS LEGS THAT'S ALL I CAN SAY. I mean for srs you guys!
*OMG ANGST But like it's so worth it at the end and it's not like angst you can't handle. I promise. Let the author make you misty eyed and make the author or authors put you back together again and make you cry all the tears of happiness.

Of all the fics I've read at the fest this year this is one of the top three for me. It takes the mother fucking cake!

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Right so there is this, and it is kinda fucking amazing. The best second-person POV I've read in fandom. No. Joke.

It is insanely fantastic and it starts out with this person and we never know if they are male or female, and they've been dumped and are pissed and are like STFU WORLD and it's fucking glorious. THEN They are like fuck it stick out their wand and they summon the knight bus and who do they come across but Stan Shunpike! And he's got a fat long cock apparently and there is sex on the knight bus and OMFG I want to have sex on the Knight Bus because really it sounds like fun.

I'd say more but there isn't much to say other than THIS FIC IS FANTASTIC AND YOU SHOULD READ IT because really it isn't getting all the feels like it deserves.

And I loooooove it and I didn't even like Stan Shunpike, but now I am hoping to meet him on the Knight Bus one day so we can get randy and get tossed around. XD

I also want the person to be a character but you can read who I thought it was in the comments because you will read it, yes :DDDDDD *bats the lashes*

Conducting Business
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You Spin Me Round Like A Record

Does anyone else want to see more Blaise Zabini/Lee Jordan fic because I sure as hell do! Especially this Lee and this Blaise.

And this fic is proof you don't need porn scenes to write a really brilliant fic. It's the wonderful awkward beginning of trying to get with someone while being excited and all kinds of adorable and things. I especially love Lee for being oblivious to Gabrielle and how she doesn't quite get he's not going to shag her ever. I especially love how he thinks there is something wrong with her eyes. XD

Seriously read it. Fall in love with this very interesting pairing. I also love how Blaise is not a sap. He's vain and a bit rude and I like him anyways. So does Lee.

Yeah fantastic job Mystery Author. Fantastic!
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The Diary She Carries With Her

This is one of those rare Harry/Ginny fics I enjoy because it's such an interesting take on canon. I absolutely love the idea of Tom still creeping into Ginny's thoughts. He could have been her first love for all we know. I mean he was the only person she talked to and told everything and he was a smooth talker, attractive, and you know fucking evil as hell--what's not to love.

It's smut and she's fucking Harry but it's more than that like she's reaching into him, pulling out the darker bits of Tom and making it with him instead. BRILLIANT READ and awesome writing. I mean come on I READ HARRY/GINNY so you know it's gotta be good!


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