May. 31st, 2012

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Since it is late and I am waiting for my drugs (prescribed I promise) to kick in and knock my ass out for the night I figured I could use this time to avoid writing to give you guys some long deserved Recs.

I will do separate posts for each rec as I like to give individual love to each of the fics I rec. :D KISS SPAM WILL BE HAPPENING SOON.


Every now and then we find fics that touch us someplace deeper than our hearts; fics that dive to the deepest parts of our souls and touch something very vulnerable and painful--this is one of those fics and I mean this in the best possible way. This Millicent is something more than human; a fragile withered caterpillar that slowly transforms into this not so beautiful butterfly. But what's great about her is that she doesn't have to be beautiful to be loved, she doesn't have to be amazing or anything more than ordinary, and her constant bitterness is something I understand, but even more than that I can relate to her small slivers of hope--the ones she clings to desperately even if she doesn't want to believe she still has a lingering amount of faith. This desperation to be loved, whole, accepted--all of it is human, so very stark and frank but written with such wonderful imagery. You will grit your teeth with Millie, cry with her, feel vulnerable, sense her hope, laugh with her--basically you will walk in her shoes and it is beautiful.

Go watch Millicent's Metamorphosis and be moved beyond reason.
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there’s a trick with a dragon I’m learning to do

I can't even tell you what I love about this fic without flailing like a mad muppet and scream-talking like the insane fangirl I am. The Kiss Jargon of Squee would irritate and boggle your mind, no doubt. So suffice to say when I read this fic I was floored.

The author of this fic uses economics and bank stuff and politics and things that go over the Kiss' head--she takes them and weaves them into this wonderful story that never once made me feel as if I were drowning in the deep--swimming through a language I could never understand.

This Draco--OMFG this Draco! He is so canon to me and I dare people to disagree because I won't listen to you if you do ;) His absolute absorption in things Harry doesn't understand, his burning passion, and somewhere in there he is still the sadist Malfoy Harry knew in school, secretly grinning like the cat who got the cream because he's got the whole of Wizarding UK eating out of the palm of his hand--and he uses them to get what he wants, to get what he wants with Harry and it's fucking beautiful and more than just a love story. I am envious--if I could write half as well as this author I'd have an ego the size of Dallas XD. If you are looking for pure porn or something superficial it is not here--there is wonderful depth with a realistic amount of smut (Because when you live with someone and they share your bed then you are having the smut in your life and if you aren't you damn sure ain't doing it right XD)

It's a brilliant read and I wish I had the words to express exactly how brilliant and how amazing and how every fucking synonym for those words this fic is. ALL THE AWARDS!
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This is more than a love story, at least it is to me.

I love the absolute longing, fear, bitterness, and rage Harry has in this fic. He is a human Harry I recognize. A Harry who has had something very important stolen from him and he is losing hope even as Draco comes to him rekindling the not-so-secret longing.

This Draco is what I love most, and from the title and through out the entire fic I had an idea of what would happen and the author did not disappoint--I would have been irritated if it had gone another way (Not that it can't because fuck all it's not MY story, right?) but it didn't and this Draco is canon enough for me--even when it seems that he is giving he isn't he is full of guilt and is wanting the taste of freedom and he gives out of selfishness, or at least that's what I got out of him and I FUCKING LOVE IT!

This is a fic that will stay with me for a long time, it's not so much a love story--even though there is a relationship in it, not a graphic one but one that gives the illusion that there will be more to come later--but to me it is more than just a love story. This is a fic that dived beneath my bones and has settled in my heart. I applaud the mystery author. This was unique and horrifying, in a way, and wonderful from the first sentence to the last.


May. 31st, 2012 10:56 am
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WHY IN GOD'S NAME DID I SIGN UP FOR YOU!? And what part of ANGST do you not get--this is turning downright creepy not angsty. *bangs head against keyboard* When you figure out what you want to do that'd be nice because I need to know by tonight, my lovely and sadistic muse, if I need to beg for an extension.

Anyone want to plot bounce with Kiss/listen to her moan about the ridiculousness of this fic *bats lashes*


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